Cassandre trading bot 5.0.0 released

Hi everyone,
This is a major update that will require you to refactor some of your code (but no problem with database update, Liquidbase does it automatically). This release goal was to improve speed and fix some technical debt. You will find below a migration guide.


  • Strategy updates can now receive several updates in only one call.

  • Backtesting tests are now super fast.

  • Database structure update to improve speed (but no more plans to support multi exchange in one bot instance).

  • XChange 5.0.8 and Spring Boot 2.5.2.

Migration guide.

Change database parameters in

Replace Cassandre database parameters:: 

by classical spring boot parameters:

spring.datasource.driver-class-name spring.datasource.username spring.datasource.password spring.datasource.url 

Change exchange parameters in

Rename to

onUpdates methods change.

All strategy updates methods changed. Their name changed and they can now receive several updates in only one call.
So basically, when you had: public void onOrderUpdate​(OrderDTO order), you should now have: public final void onOrdersUpdates(final Map<String, OrderDTO> orders).

##Add annotation for backtesting.
To have backtesting working, you should now add this annotation added on your unit test: @ComponentScan("")