Cassandre trading bot 4.0.0 released

This is a major release

I broke quite a lot of things but you should be able to migrate an existing bot code in a few minutes. The biggest change is the data structure that has been completely refactored to allow, in the future, multi strategies and multi bots in a single database.

In this release, I integrated Liquidbase to allow frictionless migration of future Cassandre releases.

This is the list of the biggest changes : 

  • Database refactoring & Liquidbase integration.

  • Allow strategy to directly create orders & positions without calling the services.

  • Add methods to retrieve orders, trades & positions directly from the strategy.

  • Lomboz integration.

  • Qase integration to review and manage tests.

  • Refactor PositionDTO to make it more simple.

  • Add a CurrencyAmount object to make it easy to deal with amounts.

  • Use data (orders, trades, positions…)  in the database instead of storing them in memory.