Cassandre trading bot 2.0.0 released

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New features

  • Position management : you can now create a position and let Cassandre manage it completely. When you create a position, Cassandre makes a buy order and you associate some rules to it (example : 10% max gain and 5% max lost).

  • You can now receive updates on trades and positions.

  • Added a dry mode to simulate orders during tests.

  • Added a BasicTa4jCassandreStrategy to develop ta4j strategies more easily.

  • Upgraded to XChange 5.0.1.

  • Now support standard ISO 8601 for duration for rates in configuration.

  • onAccountUpdate, onTickerUpdate, onOrderUpdate, onTradeUpdate and onPositionUpdate are no more abstract, you only override them if needed.

  • Updated documentation (made with

I broke three things, really sorry

  • Changed parameter to

  • Changed to

  • Changed OrderCreationResult to remove Optional on getters.